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Processing of filtration baskets

If you are looking for a company that deals with the processing of filtration baskets, then you should turn your attention to professional and reliable companies. So you can be sure that you can use a basket of this kind in the industrial sector without any problems or risks.

At AG Steel, we carry out the processing of the baskets for filtration in such a way so as to eliminate even the slightest doubt about the quality of the items produced. All this makes our commitment suited especially to customers who primarily base their attention on quality.

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Flanged pipes processing

If you are looking for a flanged pipe, contact us. We take care of flanged pipes processing, paying the utmost attention to every single detail so that the final result can be in line with your requests.

The flanged pipes processing starts from a specific analysis of your project to assure you that every part of this tool is in line with your needs. Making the most of the customer’s project, which is subjected to a very detailed analysis, our team creates flanged pipes tailored to your needs.

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Steel flange manufacturing

Steel flange manufacturing: steel flanges are ring-shaped mechanical elements which couple the ends of two pipes together.

This joining of components can take place by welding or by making a mechanical connection whose seal is ensured by a series of bolts arranged radially.

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Mechanical carpentry constructions

Mechanical carpentry constructions include any mechanical element or component made for the naval, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, assembly and construction of pressure machines including numerous other mechanical sectors and find applications in various other fields.

Mechanical constructions are the result of a long and complex design based on mechanical engineering, an engineering discipline that combines the principles of engineering physics with those of mathematics and materials science.

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Superduplex steel processing

Superduplex steel processing: when selecting the materials and metal alloys used in the field of manufacturing mechanical components, it is important to know which materials offer characteristics in line with the final product’s purpose.

If you need to make a component that has excellent wear and corrosion resistance, an excellent choice is the use of Duplex or Superduplex steels, metal alloys with exceptional properties.

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Machining of Duplex steels

Machining of Duplex steels: during the production process of mechanical products machining, the correct choice of materials to obtain performance and quality with respect to different needs is crucial. Not all materials are the same, and the goal must be to find the right solution in relation to the mechanical component to be created and machined.

If you need to make a mechanical product, you know that there is always one material that best fits your needs, capable of meeting your required characteristics. In fact, there are numerous metal alloys, each of which was created specifically for a type of installation that meets particular needs.

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Special mechanical components

In the field of manufacturing of mechanical products, there are two different commissions. On the one hand, processes that involve the production of standardised components, which are already known, such as the construction of metal meshes or steel beams for construction, including specific bolts and gears. On the other hand, companies often need special mechanical components, not standard mechanical components.

Through a three-dimensional or two-dimensional drawing, you have all the indications to proceed with the realisation of the component, as well as the technical specifications regarding the use of materials and the treatments to be carried out.

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Special steel flanges

Our special steel flanges are manufactured with top quality materials and maximum precision, allowing you to have a precise tool which enables you to connect two pipes or perform other similar interventions.

When you need to work on certain pipes, such as joining them, it is necessary to use a tool that actually allows you to achieve this result without necessarily having to carry out a series of long and complex operations that can negatively affect the final result. In this case, the special steel flanges represent the tool that can be adapted to the situation, that is, which allows to carry out all types of work in the hydraulic sector, especially those of connections.

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Special pipes

Special pipes: by pipe we mean a network of pipes connected together to allow transport of fluids and liquids, even over long distances, or to connect different equipment of a plant.

The pipes are cylindrical metal section bars, generally made with a single sheet of metal (usually steel), which are used for various purposes. The constituent materials of these products, in addition to steel, are metal alloys (such as nickel, chrome, titanium and others), stainless steel, coated steel (Teflon), copper, cast iron, concrete or plastics, such as polyethylene.

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Anti-wear special materials

Anti-wear special materials: during the production and manufacturing process of mechanical products, the importance of materials selection is essential to improve the performance of component and of the final product: the goal must always be to find the right compromise, which meets the most particular needs of companies or individuals who need a mechanical component made from a 2D or 3D computerized design.

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