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Machining of Duplex steels

Machining of Duplex steels

Machining of Duplex steels: during the production process of mechanical products machining, the correct choice of materials to obtain performance and quality with respect to different needs is crucial. Not all materials are the same, and the goal must be to find the right solution in relation to the mechanical component to be created and machined.

If you need to make a mechanical product, you know that there is always one material that best fits your needs, capable of meeting your required characteristics. In fact, there are numerous metal alloys, each of which was created specifically for a type of installation that meets particular needs.

Choices of alloy are based on criteria such as quality, durability, safety and resistance for each mechanical product.

Why choose anti-wear and anti-corrosion materials such as Duplex steel?

The choice of the metal alloy is fundamental for the final purpose of the mechanical component to be made. The special anti-wear materials are special alloys capable of responding to even extreme wear and corrosion needs.

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To obtain an optimal result, for any type of mechanical processing, choosing a wear-resistant material such as Duplex steel allows you to obtain a component with high performance, both from a mechanical and physical point of view, but even long-lasting.

Materials such as Duplex stainless steels are able to withstand much more weather and extreme physical conditions, such as contact with seawater.

Stainless steel and Duplex steels: what’s the difference?

Among the various types of steel or stainless steel, is an alloy with higher chromium contents: this allows stainless steel to obtain greater resistance to oxidation, providing even greater anti-rust capacity.

Duplex steel is a special anti-wear alloy, made with a hybrid chrome stainless steel, it has a peculiar austenitic and ferritic microcrystalline structure, which allows it to better resist stress corrosion cracking.

The characteristics of Duplex steels are:

  • greater resistance to point corrosion (pittin), compared to other steel classes;
  • good resistance to stress corrosion cracking;
  • greater weldability;
  • high tensile and yield strength;
  • greater resistance;
  • greater workability.

The machining of Duplex steels is usually used for the manufacture of mechanical products such as heat exchangers, tanks with high chlorine concentration liquids, tanks for petrochemical and chemical plants, machines for handling materials, but also for brine manufacturing plants, to be installed in the sea at profound depths and lastly, saltwater coolers.

Any processing that requires a product with high capacities and anti-corrosive characteristics goes perfectly with Duplex steels.

Machining of Duplex steels

The science of materials has been able to respond to market needs, through materials and alloys such as Duplex and Super Duplex.

As mentioned, the most appreciated feature of Duplex steels is corrosion resistance. This category of stainless and biphasic steels provides a market niche to obtain mechanical products and components capable of being exposed to extremely aggressive environments, and where the useful life must not be put at risk, due to safety factors.

In areas where Duplex steels are welded, uncontrolled precipitation could occur, with loss of corrosion resistance. Therefore, care must be taken to perform fast welding, so as not to spend much time at a high temperature.

The application of Duplex steels in the manufacturing of mechanical components

With AG Steel S.r.l. you can rely on the experience and professionalism in the field of manufacturing customised mechanical products. We use metal alloys for every need, making complex mechanical machining through CNC, using machines capable of turning, boring, milling, and drilling.


The Duplex steel processing that we can achieve is innumerable since the characteristics of this type of stainless steel are excellent in terms of workability, weldability and ductility, all properties that allow complex machining.

If you need to make a mechanical component with excellent corrosion properties, Duplex and Superduplex steels go particularly well with your needs. Contact us for any request on machining of Duplex steels.