Machining Titanium

Machining Titanium

Machining Titanium: Titanium has excellent mechanical properties, high corrosion resistance, low specific weight and it is widely used in the medical field for the construction of prostheses and biometric implants, for its biocompatible qualities.

Titanium is also suitable for specific engineering applications, such as the space sector which requires high skills, as well as motor racing.

Thanks to the innovation and the birth of new technologies and the implementation of information technology in mechanical processing with Titanium, this metal is made even more versatile through 3D modelling and printing processes, using metal powders. In addition to mechanical processing, titanium is also used in electrotorsion processes.

Mechanical machining of titanium in Italy

The Italian workshops that deal with the mechanical processing of titanium are highly specialised and use commercially pure metal.

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The processing takes place through forges that can reach up to 2,500 degrees, making it possible to carry out a complete production path to meet all the customer’s requests.

Starting from the design whether it is the production of standard components, or parts of machines for mechanical processing, even complex ones, respecting and maintaining high-quality standards.

The different mechanical processes Titanium

When referring to the mechanical processing of Titanium we are referring to a whole series of actions on this metal that go from cutting to turning, including heat treatment and forging.

Special cutting machines are required for Titanium, such as water-based ones. Such machines are used for cutting Titanium sheets with a pressure that can reach 6,300 bar, cutting thicknesses of 6,000 x 2,500 millimetres.

This machine exploits the abrasive power of a substance which, when fired at high pressure on Titanium, allows cold cuts. This technique obtains Titanium plates of desired sizes, without compromising the metal’s thermal capacity. This advanced method obtains geometric cuts to customer requests.

For cutting, band saws can also be used where it is possible to operate on diameters from 10 to 1,000 millimetres. Lastly, the latest findings in the machining Titanium sector are EDM systems that provide cutting precision in the order of tenths, creating shapes with a geometric perimeter of up to 800 millimetres.

Titanium turning

Titanium turning is a two-phase process. During the first phase, so-called roughing, the most external and rough material layer, consisting of a particularly hard surface crust composed of oxides, is removed.

This operation is possible through the use of tools enriched with tungsten carbides mounted on very robust lathes with large load capacities. After this first phase, the drawing or finishing is defined. This phase unites mechanics, electronics, IT and other studies that allow you to program the machine so that it works with great precision and with no margins of error. These numerical control machines are programmed following a computer-generated scheme and work on the piece until the final result is achieved.

Quality control of machining Titanium

Before being placed on the market, Titanium products undergo checks to certify their characteristics and quality. These are carried out throughout every processing phase, from the acquisition of the raw material to the realisation of the final product.

These tests and inspections are carried out scrupulously, especially for products that are used in critical situations for which even a minimal imperfection could result in a breakdown, an error or the complete shutdown of a large production plant.


The modern market for machining Titanium requires high-quality finished products with very low hydrogen and iron values. To ensure that they comply with the customer’s requests, chemical analyses are also carried out to ascertain their composition. Lastly, on request, the material can be subjected to mechanical tests such as resilience and traction.

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