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Mechanical carpentry constructions

Mechanical carpentry constructions

Mechanical carpentry constructions include any mechanical element or component made for the naval, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, assembly and construction of pressure machines including numerous other mechanical sectors and find applications in various other fields.

Mechanical constructions are the result of a long and complex design based on mechanical engineering, an engineering discipline that combines the principles of engineering physics with those of mathematics and materials science.

Through this discipline, it is possible to design, analyse, produce and maintain mechanical systems in various sectors.

Behind the development of mechanical carpentry constructions lies the understanding of key areas such as dynamic mechanics, thermodynamics, structural analysis and electricity.

Metal constructions are structures made entirely of metal, usually steel, but the material can vary according to needs.

How mechanical carpentry constructions are built

In addition to the basic principles described above, computer-aided design and production systems such as CAD and CAM, are used for mechanical structural work. Besides, the product life cycle is analysed for the design and analysis of production plants, equipment and industrial machines, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, robotics elements, medical devices, weapons and much more yet.


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