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Processing of filtration baskets

Processing of filtration baskets

If you are looking for a company that deals with the processing of filtration baskets, then you should turn your attention to professional and reliable companies. So you can be sure that you can use a basket of this kind in the industrial sector without any problems or risks.

At AG Steel, we carry out the processing of the baskets for filtration in such a way so as to eliminate even the slightest doubt about the quality of the items produced. All this makes our commitment suited especially to customers who primarily base their attention on quality.

The processing of filtration baskets can be carried out on a project to adapt to the particular needs of each individual company. The work, however, is not carried out in a generic way. Every basket we manufacture enjoys the utmost attention. Not surprisingly, a collaboration is constantly carried out between ourselves and the customer to understand what their real needs are and to provide them with exactly what they need.

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Also for this reason only successful and functional products are produced. The main objective of processing of filtration baskets is to offer something particularly useful. Something that will serve over the years and that, beyond any doubt, will merge the aspect of aesthetic care with that of the maximum utility and functionality.

The processing of filtration baskets with the best materials

When it comes to the creation of baskets for filtration or other objects of the highest quality, what must be forefront in our thoughts is everything related to its materials. This is just one of the reasons why countless customers come to us: they know that they are going to use only the finest materials on the market.

We can manufacture baskets with materials such as stainless steel or common steel. Based on the project, it is further possible to use other materials by defining all the project characteristics with our staff. In this way, you can prevent various errors and simply follow the instructions provided by the customer, according to their needs.


In addition to processing stainless steel and common steel, the company also takes care of carrying out various jobs with perforated sheet metal or meshes. In this way, each individual customer can obtain a turnkey solution according to their needs.

Timeliness and quality

Often, it’s not just that the products are made really well, in an extremely precise way, trying to take into consideration even the tiniest, minimal details. You also need speed of execution. For this reason, various machines are used which can improve everything concerning the production speed of the various metal components.

Among the most used metal types, Duplex, Superduplex, 904L, 321 and Inconel stand out.

Welding can also be carried out in a timely manner, in order to immediately provide interested customers with what they need. These jobs are always carried out by highly-qualified people. Furthermore, the welds are in turn subjected to numerous non-destructive tests, such as Magnetoscopy, in addition to Penetrating Liquids, RX, UT and others.

Clarity and transparency

By collaborating with any company, customers often look for another very important factor: that of transparency. In fact, we aim to want to know all the details regarding the cost of labour, its duration, the machinery used and so on. As regards the processing of filtration baskets, we guarantee the utmost possible transparency in relation to everything related to this type of work. Contact us now for more information.