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Special mechanical components

Special mechanical components

In the field of manufacturing of mechanical products, there are two different commissions. On the one hand, processes that involve the production of standardised components, which are already known, such as the construction of metal meshes or steel beams for construction, including specific bolts and gears. On the other hand, companies often need special mechanical components, not standard mechanical components.

Through a three-dimensional or two-dimensional drawing, you have all the indications to proceed with the realisation of the component, as well as the technical specifications regarding the use of materials and the treatments to be carried out.

The next stage of processing is the programming of the special mechanical component by software and the preparation of the raw materials used to manufacture the piece according to predetermined dimensions.

The use of three-dimensional CAD software

After a careful analysis by the technicians, to proceed with the component creation process, the precision mechanical workshop comes into play, which works with three-dimensional CAD software. By importing the component’s three-dimensional model, and by the equipment’s wiring, the machine is programmed so as to correctly transmit the 3D model’s data.

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To proceed with the creation of the special mechanical component, the raw materials are positioned in the form of raw material inside the machine, so as to proceed with the component’s shavings removal phase.

To create a customised mechanical product, you must then proceed with the deburring phase of the piece made. During this procedure, the first checks are also carried out:

  • roughness;
  • component’s level of precision;
  • overall assessment of compliance with the technical specifications;
  • evaluation of compliance with the technical drawing;
  • hole analysis.

Thus we proceed to the final and optional processing to the customer’s requests; the operator who uses the precision mechanical workshop proceeds with the analysis of quality control and measurement verification, through the machine.

Special mechanical components and the CNC: computer numerical control machines

Designing and producing a special high-precision and made-to-measure mechanical component requires elaborate tools and a machine park with CNC tools (computer numerical control), i.e. numerical control machines, used exclusively for high-precision machining. Through these types of machines, you can perform:

  1. aluminium processing;
  2. metal sheet processing;
  3. stainless steel processing;
  4. processing of special stainless steels such as Duplex and Superduplex;
  5. processing of special metal alloys.

The special mechanical components, made using CNC numerical control machines, must also be certified, based on quality, through the metrology rooms, with accurate analysis, so as to verify in detail the three-dimensional measurements with laser contact.


At AG Steel S.r.l. we carry out this type of work and are proud of our added value: highly specialised staff. In fact, to carry out specific processes for special mechanical components, it is essential that the operators are qualified and experienced, able to know and correctly interpret the technologies envisaged to make these particular mechanical products.

Through the precision technology of AG Steel S.r.l., we can guarantee the realisation of mechanical components for numerous sectors: industrial, food, electrochemical, petrochemical and production.

We are able to operate punctually and precisely, creating special mechanical components. Contact us now to find out more!