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Special steel flanges

Special steel flanges

Our special steel flanges are manufactured with top quality materials and maximum precision, allowing you to have a precise tool which enables you to connect two pipes or perform other similar interventions.

When you need to work on certain pipes, such as joining them, it is necessary to use a tool that actually allows you to achieve this result without necessarily having to carry out a series of long and complex operations that can negatively affect the final result. In this case, the special steel flanges represent the tool that can be adapted to the situation, that is, which allows to carry out all types of work in the hydraulic sector, especially those of connections.

Special flanges and types

Our special steel flanges differ from the classic ones because we manufacture them with care in every detail. Each flange, in fact, may be necessary for a specific type of exclusive work and precisely the fact that we manufacture special types of these flanges, allows us to carry out all the different processes.

For example, it is possible to note that they are equipped with a particular stainless-steel material which manages to make this instrument more resistant, thus avoiding damages which, over time, make the intervention less effective.

Therefore, our special flanges ensure that you can work in the hydraulic sector without wasting precious time and without having to repeat the same process that you have already done in the past.

What distinguishes our hydraulic fitting

Our special steel flanges are made in a careful and precise way in the various details and are equipped with a material more resistant than the classic one. In fact, it is necessary to underline how we take care of manufacturing flanges that can be easily inserted and welded on the various stainless-steel pipes without having to turn to particularly complex solutions, a fundamental feature that should not be underestimated.

The flanges offer the maximum degree of precision during processing, preventing potential difficulties in the phase of use, making sure that the final result can be truly optimal.

Our special steel flanges and customization

Obviously, it is also necessary to specify that our manufacturing is based on the personalization factor, which must never be moved to the background. You, who perhaps need a particular hydraulic connection, have the opportunity to ask us for it, so that this can be really suitable for all your needs.


So, you don’t have to use standard products that cannot meet all your needs but, on the contrary, you have the concrete possibility of turning that particular process into a much less complex one, so that the end result can be seen really positive.

So, let us take care of the various types of hydraulic fittings manufactured with special materials that ensure a positive final result, details that you must not absolutely ignore and that will satisfy you.

Use of flanges

Our stainless-steel flanges, also called pipe fittings, allow you to connect two pipes together.

Whether it is the drainage pipe to the sewage network or the creation of an entire water system, in both cases you have the real opportunity to use our products that will create an optimal connection that meets all your needs.

Thanks to the tightness of stainless steel and the different characteristics that distinguish our production, each process becomes easier to complete, a unique feature of our flange production.

The regulations we comply with

Obviously keep in mind that every flange we produce, special or customized, respects all the regulations in terms of quality and safety, a detail of fundamental importance.

In particular, we refer to EN 1092, which specifies the strength of the material, bolt size and quantity, the type of thread and other very important aspects, such as tolerance of the material during operation and other details of the utmost importance that allow us to create top quality flanges.

The ASME B16.5 standard must also be added to the listed aspects, which states most of the criteria mentioned above and also adds the ideal pressure and temperature for the creation of the flanges, thus allowing an optimal creation phase.

So, if you need particular flanges and want to be sure that they meet all your needs, the ideal solution is to contact AG Steel srl, we will provide maximum satisfaction and safety during the process.